Adam Ingber — Hicksville, New York

This *******, sounded like a total idiot from the moment I answered the phone, so I hung up on him. He then called my second business phone, so I decided to give him a chance, against my intuition to blow him off. Sure enough, ladies, he showed up, he just stared at my body long and hard like he wanted to undress me, I said: “Please take care of the donation first”, and that’s when he asked me if he could see my privates!!!!! I showed him the door immediately, I knew he was one of those sickos who just like to go and take a look at the ladies, and get their kicks that way, a peeping Tom, a time waster, a loser. I just knew it, like I said, from the first time I talked to him on the phone. Next time, I will stick to my gut feeling and won’t give ******** like this a second of my time!!!!

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