Asian possible cop — Newark, NJ

He was 45 minutes late to appt..that’s always a bad sign cops are habitually late. He comes down the hallway im watching him txt on his phone..then he comes in and immediately goes into bathroom… comes out and ***** down and wont even take off his jacket or shoes and says “so before we get started I just want to know is it two pops in the hour?” says its his first time and I try and ask him to get comfortable and he wont so I start talking about football and other random **** and he ask “I just wanna know is it the FULL hour?” so after I keep ****** around and not answerin his questions he says he doesn’t think this is gunna work blahblahboah that was 2 hours ago and no cops came through yet but then again I didnt incriminate myself they could be stalking my room til another trick comes. Plus he was genuinely attracted to me I have had them let me go in the past for my charm factor lol

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