Beau Aguon — San Diego, California

Beau Aguon messaged me for *** and agreed to my rate. I’m a transgender woman and he asked me to **** him anally. He said that he had experienced being pegged by dominatrices, so I thought he’d be easy money. He came over and was acting sketchy from the get-go. We gave each other head, which was fine but when it was time to **** him, he asked for it bareback. I don’t do bareback for safety reasons. He got really ******, accused me of having HIV (I don’t), got dressed, and took his money back on his way out. I was really confused and ******. I made it clear in my ad that I don’t do BB, and he’s also married, so you’d think he wouldn’t risk being exposed to anything and then passing it on to his wife. Shameless.

He cheats on his wife Claire Aguon.

He’s the Co-Founder / Head of Strategy & Production at Building Inc.

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