Bob Ciosek — New York, New York

My escorting session with Bob Ciosek was a complete disaster. He seemed nice enough at first, but as soon as we started, he began to push my boundaries and ignore my requests. Despite my clear communication about what I was and was not comfortable with, he continued to try and push me into doing things I explicitly said I wouldn’t do. It was incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable. I tried to redirect the session and get him back on track, but he just wouldn’t listen. At one point he pushed me up against a wall and threatened to “take” what he wanted if I didn’t comply. Thankfully, he heard someone out in the hallway, got spooked, and left. I feel disrespected and violated. It’s times like this that I wish clients would listen to us when we set boundaries and communicate clearly. It’s not fair that we have to endure this kind of treatment just because we’re providing a service.

He’s the Founder/CEO of World’s Greatest.

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