Christopher Kwok — Los Angeles, California

Christopher Kwok came to me for a dominatrix session. He was curious about pegging and I usually don’t do first-timers, but he was cute, and I was strapped for cash. I gave him explicit instructions on how to prepare. If you don’t know, you can’t just get ****** up the *** without giving yourself an enema, or else it gets messy. I even told him he could clean up in my place. When he showed up, I asked if he was clean, and he ensured me he had followed my instructions.

Well, he hadn’t. While ******* him, things got really messy, and my duvet ended up getting stained. I got ****** and kicked him out. It took hours before the stench was gone from my room. Worst of all, when I checked the cash he gave me, he was $60 short.

He’s a crafter at Hey Hey Drinks.

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