Chuck Hicks — Concord, North Carolina

Chuck Hicks called my escort and made the appointment. We met at the royal motel and he had ask me if we could talk for just hour before we have ***. I told him yes, but I was still on the clock. he said what do you mean by that. I told him it will still cost more money. He said let just forget about talking just get down to *******. He told me to take it off and bend over doggie style. so we did our thing and he said he was going to take a shower and he will be out in 10 mins to pay me and go back home to his wife. Well its been 25 mins he did not come out of the bathroom so i went in shower was running he was gone window was open. So he screwed me out of 500.00 so do not see him or book him because he will run off and not pay you.

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