David M Berin — West Hartford, Connecticut

I had seen him before years ago but did not have his current contact info but saw his okays when he contacted me to see me today. He arrived and was nice at first but then kept telling me that I was submissive and was “going to be his little ****”. I said that I wasn’t into that stuff and he said that he was going to make me. He asked me about spanking and hair pulling and I said that some was okay but nothing too rough. He wasn’t as bad as a previous provider reported but did use more force than I said he could and wouldn’t stop when I said it hurt. He kept calling me degrading names. My nipples are so sore as he kept twisting and put so much pressure on them (almost like rolling dough from up above me) and kept making me suck his ****. I have a gag reflex and cannot deep throat but he didn’t care. He scheduled 30 min and went way over an hour. I was dumb and assumed someone would check in on me but didn’t specify so was left to just fend for myself and try to get him out without aggravating him. At the end, he wanted to come on my face and I said to just avoid the eyes if he wanted to do it that way. He said okay. But, then he flashed a picture which of course made me open my eyes and it went in eyes. He laughed and handed me an alcohol wipe to wipe my eyes out with, which made them sting worse. He tried to pay me for the 30 min and then I said it was over an hour so he tossed another 100 and then as hard as it was, I told him what my 90 min rate was less the discount and told him I needed 300 at least. He tossed another 45 on bed and said that I “should be paying him” and seemed to really think I liked it or something. He finally left. So, I will not see him again and want other providers to know that he can and will hurt you (whether he realizes it or not) and will NOT stop if you ask him to do so.


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