Deanna Phil Ris — Port Richey, Florida

Deanna was an angry and hostile hobbyist! He was late to the appointment he made a request more than half way through the session I tried to comply but his Antony was not cooperating. He became angry and upset. I tried to tell him it was OK just relax. He became so enraged that he struck me with a closed fist on my thigh. He was verbally and physically abusive! I asked him to leave based on his behavior and he created a scene! He is a real class act Not! For those who believe that it is OK to be rude and disrespectful because of what we are willing to do that is not acceptable behavior!!! Some providers will endure or allow this type of behavior but I am not one of them! Even though we provide this service we are still able to set the parameters and boundaries thy make it possible and comfortable for us to participate. We treat you with respect and you should do the same! It doesn’t matter what side of the transaction you are on it doesn’t make you superior!

Deanna Phil Ris
Port Richey, Florida

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