Elias Arbid — Charlotte, North Carolina

Elias Arbid doesn’t want to pay for BDSM, says he just wants standard escorting, but then pushes for fetishes and choking. I kicked him out and won’t repeat. He also tried to short me on regular session fee, but I counted when he arrived. He wanted to argue and mentioned fetishes, but when I told him that would cost more and must be schedule ahead of time, he declined and left. Rude, pushy, and will attempt to pay less.

From other escorts:

Foot fetish, definitely becomes pushy, drags out session, wants you to stick a finger in his *** while he gags on your toes, flosses between toes with his tongue. Wants DATY. Just a bunch of stuff without paying extra.

Extremely rough. Wants to choke you so hard you almost pass out. Causes extreme pain and says it’s ok because he’s a surgeon and can fix it if he visibly injures you. Very obsessive.


Vascular and endovascular surgeon


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