Jeremy Urrutia — Chandler, Arizona

WORST APPOINTMENT I’VE EVER HAD EVER!!!! First off, this worthless piece of **** was by far THE MOST REPULSIVE MAN I’VE EVER ENCOUNTERED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. He showed up with no money, bragging that he was rich, owned a club wanted to do an all night appointment and offered me $5-10k for an evening. Said he just won $300, 000 in Vegas. But he had to go meet his assistant to give him some money. Ya sure. I told him I don’t need $5-10k, but I needed my hourly fee in cash upfront. So he left went to the bank got my hourly fee, came back gave me 2 stacks of cash in a bank bag. Then he proceeded to do a bunch of coke, so repulsive, nastiest appointment I’ve ever had. Then left, when I checked the bank bag he gave me it was all counterfeit Hollywood money. DO NOT SEE THIS WORTHLESS PIECE OF ****!!!!!!

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