John Doss — Forest Park, Illinois

Don’t you just love it when republicans are exposed as hypocrites? John Doss is running for mayor of Forest Park, so I thought now was a good time to write about his depravity. Don’t be fooled by his bullshit about family values. This man has seen me and multiple of my friends, who are also escorts. He’s going to claim this is is a smear campaign because he’s running for office, but his name is on other escort review sites, going back years. He’s obsessed with latinas and almost strictly sees us. He tried to haggle me down from $600 to $400, but I didn’t agree. Thankfully, he finished quickly and left. I’ve heard he’s harassed my friends when they didn’t agree to see him. He’s a racist, Trump-loving, two-faced hypocrite and the last person who should run a city. Let him dispute this I’ll gladly upload photos of all of our texts as well as a couple of photos I took during the session for my safety.

Running for mayor

John Doss

He’s cheating on his wife Karen Doss

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