John Schmalzer — Colorado Springs, Colorado

John Schmalzer is a giant piece of ****. He’s a huge MAGA bigot. He’s going to say that this ad is retaliation for his bigoted opinions, but it’s actually just calling him out on his hypocrisy. How the **** are you going to pretend to love Jesus Christ and criticize other people’s lifestyles while you’re cheating on your wife with multiple escorts? It’s always these types who are the most morally corrupt. I’ve seen him multiple times, and he was always annoying, but it was good money. He pushes bareback persistently (no condom). He send nonstop texts, even when he’s not trying to book a session. He’s rude and lowkey a stalker. He’s contacted all of my friends, including trans women, which makes his bigotry hilarious. Go to ****, John. Jesus is ashamed of you. Oh, and if you don’t believe this post, just ask me for screenshots of our texts. I even have a video of him that I took for safety. 😉

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