Mark Knepshield — Addison, Texas

When Mark Knepshield isn’t booking an escorting appointment that he plans to not show up to, he’s texting you disrespectful, gross things to get a reaction out of you. He contacts multiple girls at once. One day, he was even texting my friend at the same time as me trying to set up an appointment for both of us. I stopped responding to him, and he did end up seeing my friend, but his plan was clearly to stand one of us up that day. She said that he was sweaty, made really gross noises, and kept being excessively rough while *******. This is the type of guy who is so used to never hearing no that he’ll throw a tantrum about your boundaries. Don’t book!

He’s cheating on his wife Anne Sawyer Knepshield.

He’s the Executive Vice President for McGriff.

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