Matthew Schaeffer — Davenport, Florida

Matthew Schaeffer – or Matt Schaeffer. Met him on POF and talked for months, wouldn’t want to meet up always had an excuse. Finally, while out with friends, I saw him at Disney World with some girl, and she had an engagement ring on. The pig completely turned red when he saw me and ran off like a coward. Looked him up, saw a post on Reddit of one of his ex’s hurting from his games of cheating. That led me down a rabbit hole of his serial cheating of many girls in his home state of Massachusetts. Learned that he has been recycling his engagement ring around to all the girls he’s dated, even to mentally abuse girls with his words. Many of his exes have expressed that he is a manipulator, gaslighter and likes to cry crocodile tears. This guy is the scum of the earth. What’s even sadder is that most of his POF pictures are of him and his fiancé cropped out. Watch out for this one in the Orlando/Kissimmee Florida area.

Gabrielle Sklar

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