Patrick “Pat” Oliphant — St Petersburg, Florida

This guy came to see me for a dominatrix session a few years ago. He gave me the creeps, like something about his vibe was really off, so I looked up his number after he left. Holy ****! He tried to rape a girl, and choked her out. I wish I had read the article before accepting him as a client. Why is this creep not in prison?

“A Stetson University student who took a woman to dinner to celebrate his birthday turned violent during an argument and tried to rape her on the side of a street, investigating Volusia County deputies said.

Patrick Oliphant, 21, was charged in the off-campus attack with attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment and felony battery. He was being held Thursday in the Volusia County Branch Jail on $300,000 bail.”

He’s a market analyst for Kentucky Par.
His parents are Gary and Rebecca Oliphant.

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