Salik Chowhan — Louisville, Kentucky

Salik Chowhan was a real piece of ****. Everything seemed fine at first, but as soon as we finished with our escorting session, he started getting really aggressive and demanding. He accused me of ripping him off and said that he was going to call the cops if I didn’t give him his money back. I tried to reason with him and explain that I had done what I was hired to do, but he wouldn’t listen. He just kept getting louder and more threatening, and I started to feel really scared. In the end, I ended up giving him some of the money back just to get him to leave me alone. It was a really unpleasant experience. I think he was ****** that I wouldn’t let him do ****, which I never even implied was a possibility.

He’s a medical tester at Wild Health.

His family is Noreen Chowhan

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