Wilder Kingsley — Manhattan, New York

Wilder Kingsley booked a full-service escorting session with me. He wanted Girlfriend Experience and sent me a photo. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, so event though I usually don’t do GFE, I said yes and booked him a session. He was either high on coke when he came over, or really jittery. He had a hard time getting hard, but when he finally did, he got really rough. When he left, I realized the condom was to the side of the bed, meaning he took it off without my consent while ******* me from behind. I counted the money he gave me and it was $40 short. I had to get an STI test after our session, which cost about as much as he paid. He’s a scammer and disgusting.

He’s an Account Executive at Linkfire. He was married a year ago and is ALREADY cheating on his wife Rosie O’Regan.


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