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Stay away from someone or something

Ryan Frederick Carlson

Ryan Frederick Carlson is a complete psycho! Reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer. He will verify with his drivers license. Gets the address and pretends he’s arrived, but never comes to the door. After not showing up, he asked me if I had a strap on to **** him with. I blocked him on IG and now months later he’s trying to waste my time again.

Mark Page — New York, New York

Mark Page came to see me for a full service escorting session. He showed up on time, paid me exactly what I asked for, and was nice at first. He was ******* me doggy style when I reached under with my hand to feel and make sure the condom was still on, but he had taken it off without me realizing. I told him to stop, but he ignored me and just pushed me down into the bed. He kept ******* me while I struggle and kept asking him to stop. Eventually, I stopped resisting because he was too strong. He finished inside me, left, and I thought about calling the cops, but didn’t because it would’ve been too much drama at the hotel. This dude is not safe at all, and not worth any amount of money.

Michael Mccawley — Santa Cruz, California

Michael Mccawley is a sick freak! I truly think he’s mentally ill. He likes to text about all of his fantasies over texts, without consent. He blew my phone up with stupid, disgusting message detailing what he’d do to me. I had my friend check his number and she had seen before. She said that he ****** her and then stole her money and when she said she’d report it, he threatened to kill her. What the actual ****.

Yatharth Jain — Gaithersburg, Maryland

Yatharth Jain booked a GFE session with me. Came to my airbnb and from the very start he was insulting me. He said I looked fatter in person than in my photos. Normally, I would’ve kicked him out, but I really needed the money, so I went ahead with the session. When we were *******, he called me degrading names like “fat *****” and wouldn’t shut up even though I asked him to. He also tried to remove the condom without my consent at one point, but I thankfully caught him. He had BO, was rude, was rough, and sneaky. Avoid.