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Douglas Laurence Besterman — New York, New York

Douglas Laurence is a total timewaster. Will contact you repeatedly, seems genuinely interested in meeting you, and then cancels/come ups with endless excuses not to see you. He will only communicate by email and will screen, but only after you ask multiple times. His screening information and LinkedIn match his caller ID (Douglas Laurence Besterman). Do not try to see him without getting a high deposit, at least 30%.

Max Minkel — San Luis Obispo, California

Max Minkel is is a prolific time waster. I saw him once a few years ago in his home city and ever since he has inquired to meet in my home city and booked multiple appointments which he then cancels at the last minute. This time, on the morning of our scheduled appointment I go to email him to confirm that we are still on because he had not responded to the last confirmation email days before and he has deleted his email address. **** this guy. He`s an inconsiderate time waster and I`m not giving him the time of day anymore. Incident was in San Francisco, CA.

Adam Ingber — Hicksville, New York

This *******, sounded like a total idiot from the moment I answered the phone, so I hung up on him. He then called my second business phone, so I decided to give him a chance, against my intuition to blow him off. Sure enough, ladies, he showed up, he just stared at my body long and hard like he wanted to undress me, I said: “Please take care of the donation first”, and that’s when he asked me if he could see my privates!!!!! I showed him the door immediately, I knew he was one of those sickos who just like to go and take a look at the ladies, and get their kicks that way, a peeping Tom, a time waster, a loser. I just knew it, like I said, from the first time I talked to him on the phone. Next time, I will stick to my gut feeling and won’t give ******** like this a second of my time!!!!

Matthew Francis Zink — Kentucky

Total time waster flake. Has a few references that check out but he is listed many times on Mr. NUMBER I see after the fact for being a flake, etc. Even sent a $75 Visa gift card which site wanted my personal info. So that is good for nothing. He canceled an hour before appt and would not send cancel fee. Also asked inappropriate questions via text before appt. Made some BS excuse about babysitter. Lying POS.