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Tyler Lucas

Tyler Lucas is a vile rapist. He raped me in my hotel room after scheduling me for an escorting session. He came in, said he would pay me after the session, and then got angry when I told him that I wouldn’t accept that. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed and told me he’d kill me if I screamed. I won’t go into detail about what happened after. You can look him up on the boards, he’s raped at least two other escorts.

Paul Ashkenas — New York, New York

Rapist do not see. Will force you to do things that you do not want to do! Does not want to use a condom and wants to put it in every hole possible. He will pin you down and won’t let you get up. He will not let you leave! He will not pay you for your time either. He wants you to show up alone. He does not want to give you any info about him and does not want you to let anyone know where you are or who your with. He is a rapist! Do not see! His name is Paul Ashkenas. He says he works for Pizza Hut.

Ryan Gray — Jackson, Wyoming

Ryan Gray called me about 5 times today when he saw my ad on Wyoming FaceBook because he anxiously wanted me to come to his place so I did. When I get there he immediately started to feel me up with lies and I demanded the cash upfront. This idiot had the nerve to say he didn’t have any money and could he pay me Friday! he said he owned a hosting company called NameHero and 3 other **** sites, I did not believe him. I go to walk out he immediately grab me force me on the bed put his ***** inside me. When he was done he told me if i called the cops he would kill me and said police would not believe me because i work for escort. This man in the photo raped me. Don’t waste your time with this ******* because in the end you would get raped and for wasting your time and gas on a bogus outcall. Also he doesn’t have any living room furniture and the house smells like dog and cat **** and ****. AVOID HIM!

Patrick “Pat” Oliphant — St Petersburg, Florida

This guy came to see me for a dominatrix session a few years ago. He gave me the creeps, like something about his vibe was really off, so I looked up his number after he left. Holy ****! He tried to rape a girl, and choked her out. I wish I had read the article before accepting him as a client. Why is this creep not in prison?

“A Stetson University student who took a woman to dinner to celebrate his birthday turned violent during an argument and tried to rape her on the side of a street, investigating Volusia County deputies said.

Patrick Oliphant, 21, was charged in the off-campus attack with attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment and felony battery. He was being held Thursday in the Volusia County Branch Jail on $300,000 bail.”

He’s a market analyst for Kentucky Par.
His parents are Gary and Rebecca Oliphant.

Lucas Leone — Ontario, Canada

Lucas Leone raped a family member of mine. I’ve been ordered to be quiet, but I won’t be. He is also a financial fraudster.

Matthew Brotton — Orlando, Florida

Matt Brotton, or Matthew Brotton, raped me and several other girls that I know when we all lived in Gainesville, FL. His MO was to get girls completely wasted and then rape them when they were too incapacitated to say no, or even understand what was happening. He was finally called out on Facebook a few years back, but then went into hiding.

He’s currently the owner of PORTAL TATTOOS LLC in Orlando, FL.

Brandon May — Sarasota, Florida

Brandon May has raped me and other girls. He got away with it because he was part of the punk scene and used his social capital to silence his victims. He’s never even been shamed on social media, but that ends today. I encourage his other victims to post and tell their stories.