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Clark Harmonson — El Paso, Texas

This guy is a pimp and a lawyer who resides in El Paso, Texas. He has pimped out numerous young ladies, such as one who went by the name “Sherry” on a local review site of prostitutes. He has done this for the last five years and is potentially responsible for missing women in the El Paso, Texas area who were lured in my “modeling” opportunities. Stay away

Joshua Welsh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Joshua Welsh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hired me on three different occasions as a male escorts. Even though he was smoking crystal meth each time we met, at first he seemed to be a nice guy. Joshua Welsh is super paranoid and began accusing me of being law enforcement on our second meeting, he shorted me two hundred dollars that night. He continued calling me after that and I agreed to meet with him Once again. When I arrived at Joshua Welsh home I called him on his cell and he said that he canceled, which he did not because we were communicating while I was driving to his place which is a one hour drive each way. Joshua Welsh then shows up and asks me what “the investigation” is all about and continued calling me names, accusing me of being law enforcement, and said that he could physically bound me and torture me until I revealed the investigation to him. Joshua Welsh said he was considering it, but then he would be in a lot of trouble….all in all, I drove two hours that night to be treated so disrespectfully!! He didn’t pay me my $600 that night either. Joshua Welsh is potentially dangerous! Stay clear of him.

Greg Sheehan

Greg Sheehan brought a fun to one of our sessions! We did not discuss that AT ALL, and I would’ve banned if it we had. He also refused to pay me until after the session, which I normally would not agree to, but I was scared because of the gun! We ****** and just like I expected, he paid me $100 less than I asked for. I was too scared to say anything. He’s a scammer and unsafe!