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Timothy Natividad — Los Angeles, California

Timothy Natividad is rude and inconsiderate. He contacts me last minute at 10 PM saying “can you come now?” I told him I couldn’t see him that night, so we agreed to the next day. I sent him my CashApp so he could send me a deposit. I sent it, and then he stopped responding. The next day, I asked him to confirm because I needed to plan my day, and he just ghosted me. Other girls have seen him and said he was fine, but was a total flake to me. 50/50 chance with him.

619-808-8900 — Samuel Zambrano

Called wanting an ASAP appointment so we set a time to meet in one hour. Then 5 minutes before he’s supposed to be here he texts me saying he’ll be getting off from work in a few minutes and will be here in a half hour. WTF? I asked him is this the way you people handle things in the navy? Why did you book an appointment for now, if you knew you’d only be getting off from work at this time? I had another appointment set so I told him I couldn’t accommodate him. His name is Samuel Zambrano and he may be a flake or simply playing games when it comes to booking appointments and whether or not he will actually make them or not.

Samuel Zambrano
San Diego, CA

949-230-3906 — Flake

Flake. Made an appointment for 12:30pm. No call/text at appointment time so I texted at 12:34 asking “everything ok?”, no response. I called about 2 minutes later, he picks up then hung up. Kept calling goes straight to voicemail. Then called with my google voice # and rings once then sends me to voicemail.

Garden Grove, CA