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Michael Hough — Houston, Texas

Michael Hough saw me for a session. He threw me around and slapped me and spanked me. Those are things I specifically wrote I wasn’t okay with. I had bruises for the week after I saw him. He’s hot and pays in full, but just not worth the money considering that he wants a ragdoll.

Michael Hough
Houston, TX
(361) 739-5354

Jeffrey Volosin — South Bay, California

This guy called tried to make a appointment a few days in advance, Will ask for your address. I told him No he would need to call the day of to confirm, I also asked for his contact number he said he dose not have a contact number which he claims he is calling from a conference phone. I asked him again do you have a cell phone number he said he do not use his cell phone for personal use. Be Aware of this guy. Will try to set up a appt without any contact number. The numbers comes up First Health.

Robert Khoudian

Robert Khoudian books escorts like it’s his addiction. The worst part is that he also mistreats them. He ****** me once and threw me around like my physical safety didn’t matter. When I told him to stop, he only got rougher. I’ve spoken to other girls who’ve had the same experience as him. STAY AWAY.

Scott Masters — Oradell, New Jersey

Scott Masters was the most abusive client I’ve ever had. While we were *******, he kept spanking and pulling my hair and no matter how much I asked him to stop being rough, he didn’t. He also kept insulting me and didn’t stop even though I said I didn’t like it. He has no respect for boundaries and just wants a ragdoll to **** and toss around. Be careful with this one!

Robert Thater — Schaumburg, Illinois

Robert Thater is a total weirdo. He paid me for an hour long session and things would’ve been fine if he hadn’t kept talking while we ******. He was loud and obnoxious and kept saying weird ****. He wanted me to speak in a squeaky voice and pretend I was younger. I said now, because ew. I was completely weirded out after that and asked him to leave. I think he has some fetishes that most girls will refuse to accommodate. I don’t want to outright call him a pedo, but idk, he totally weirded me out.

Chris Clark — Germantown, Wisconsin

Chris Clark wrote me a good review but gave me a crappy score and has no understanding of the way that providers make their livings. Now Chris Clark is hiding from me so I cannot find out why he did this to me. If a gent gives you this handle be careful ladies he could just write you a bad review with a low score and therefore will harm your biz as it has mine