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Palani Lopez — Mountain View, California

Palani Lopez is an absolute nutjob! He’s bad news. He had my friend do an outcall to his house two times and wouldn’t answer the door. He uses different numbers. He paid me through Cashapp and then disputed it and stole my money. I spoke to another working girl about him and she said that he raped her in her hotel room and threatened to expose her as a sexworker to her family if she called the cops. ******* scumbag!

Jake Van Wyk — Greensboro, North Carolina

Hired me as a gay male escort, told me to meet him at the hotel at 10pm and to clear 3 hours of my night for him. Took an Uber to his hotel and he told me he wasn’t staying at that hotel and claimed he never told me he was staying there. Showed him a screen shot of him telling me the hotel and responded saying he didn’t like my attitude. Ended up wasting $50 on Ubers for nothing. Probably isn’t even in North Carolina. Save yourself the time and money and don’t schedule with this guy.

502-494-7107 — Louisville, Kentucky

This guy in his mid 30′s made an appointment with me. He came into my room, looked around, He said he didnt have his $ on him bc he wanted to make sure I wasn’t a set up. Started to make out with me and rub on my body, I stopped & told him he had to get his $. Said he’d get it out of his car and b right back in. Watched him jump n2 his car and leave. I called & he gave me some bs about he didnt have enough and his gf just called him. amazingly… all at the same time. BS! SCAM! DONT BOOK!

Louisville, Kentucky