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Brian Rogich — Franklin, Wisconsin

Brian Rogich came to see me for a session. We ****** and everything went fine. An hour later when I left the hotel, I noticed he was watching me from his car and started to follow my car. I think he was trying to figure out where I lived. I ended up driving to my boyfriend’s house and staying there for a couple days. I was terrified. This dude is a ******* creep and dangerous!

Neil Khant — Tampa, Florida

Neil Khant is a ******* creep who grooms children. He groomed my cousin who was only 14, and tried to get her to meet him for ***. He knew her age and he kept sexting with her, even sending a **** pic. If that’s not bad enough, he offered to get her drunk and high. Thankfully, my cousin wised up and blocked him. I wouldn’t be surprised if this dude’s raped a bunch of children by now. It makes me want to puke.

Eion McGuigan — Saint Paul, Minnesota

Eion McGuigan booked a GFE and DATY session with me. He seemed normal at first, but the more we talked, the more unhinged he became. He started calling me all night and sending **** pics. I didn’t feel safe, so I cancelled the session, and that’s when he blew up. I blocked his number, but he bypassed that and called me more than 100 times, left erratic violent voicemails, and threatened to call the cops on me. I ignored him for three days and he thankfully disappeared; probably went to harass someone else.Don’t let this guy see you. I dodged a bullet.