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602-692-7899 — Rich Alati

Rich Alati came to see me for a massage session. He was extremely rude and kept insulting me, but I needed the money so I jerked him off anyway. I don’t know if his kink is degrading women, but I felt like **** about myself when we were done. He didn’t respect that I asked him to be quiet. He’s a professional poker player, and he thinks having money means he can get away with anything.

Derek Dorsett — Columbus, Ohio

Derek is a rude man with a HUGE ego. He has contacted 3 Ohio escorts today. He gets rude and aggressive when he escorts refuse to send him more pics and he tries to engage in explicit conversations. All 3 escorts refused to see him. Did I mention that he calls from a burner phone and refuses the screen. This guy is the bottom of the barrel as far as clients

334-447-8845 — Rudeness

Complete waste of my time. I sent him photos told him I was a tall bigger lady, however, that I carried my weight well. He set appointment for 10pm. But didnt show until 12am. Walked in and told me I was to big for his taste, very rude, inconsiderate ***** of a man. Caught him in a few lies over phone. He told me he never has seen a provider before, then he admitted he saw a lady out of Montgomery that was very small even had *** with him bareback! YUK! Im glad he walked out, if he was that type of person then I was better off without his company. I was super nice to him, even after he hurt my feelings. Even had the wine and wine glasses out upon his request. Went through all that trouble for nothing! Just beware of this guy! Apparently he tries to talk you into offering him bareback services after the first couple of sessions. I told him I DO NOT offer bareback services, so if thats what he was looking for he need not come over. Maybe he got mad about that, thus thats why he started calling me names and walked out. !!

Geneva, AL