David Kogok — 619-313-7177

Been seeing David Kogok for years. Also goes by Paul, Anthony and Joe Kogok with multiple fake phone numbers other than 619-313-7177. Was always polite, gentle and quick. Mostly wanted to talk about his wife’s drinking problem more than having ***. His wife is also working girl and has to live with this unstable creep….I would drink all the time too if I had to deal with him 24/7. He would always come see me during the day while his wife was at her other square job. It was easy money being his on-call nurse for a while. This guy does steroids and became extremely violent after I caught him taking off the condom. He slapped me and threw me off the bed before stealing my purse and running out of my hotel room in Germantown, MD. I lost $500 but gained a valuable lesson. Ladies be careful. DNS!

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