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i mean like, a potential client text me for a gig so lets see if hes good or bad before i make an appointment i went on this one a date last time and i had a really bad time so i wanted to begin doing research just for now until i get the hang of this and no one wants people who just like to call and they try to get off on the phone or something or they say when i can afford you What is the point of contacting me if they dont want to spend money?! And then there is dudes always that really want to meet and set it up then i go and see kids toys outside. I really hate time wasters. does anyone have any storied about him? i dont want to meet a creep. so any advise or stories i would love to have. i looked around online and this came up. i want to know like is he engaged, have a newborn, has another girl, hiding his family, does he have a record, or whatever i could know that could make me feel in danger.

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